The purpose of this Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policy is to establish guidelines and procedures to ensure the safe and environmentally responsible operation of our energy-saving device services in multiple big buildings. This policy aims to protect the well-being of our employees, contractors, clients, and the environment.

Prioritizing safety, ensuring thorough identification of potential hazards and the implementation of robust control measures.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, preventing accidents, and minimizing the environmental impact of our energy-saving device services. All employees and contractors are expected to comply with this HSE policy to ensure the success of our safety and environmental initiatives.

All employees and contractors received adequate training to perform their tasks safely. Training programs will cover emergency procedures, proper handling of equipment, and environmental awareness.

Our operations will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We will strive to minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and promote environmentally friendly practices in our service delivery.